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Corona Vaccination: Gold is available on applying Corona Vaccine

 (Corona Vaccination: Gold is available on applying Corona Vaccine) know what is the offer

Corona Vaccination
Corona Vaccination: Rajkot Gujarat to promote the campaign of (Corona Vaccination ) Has taken a unique initiative. Here gold nose pins are being given to vaccinated women and hand blender to men. The Sony community has started this campaign to promote vaccination.

 Gold nose pin for vaccine

 The central government may be saying that the vaccination of COVID-19 is voluntary. But to promote this campaign, some people have taken a new initiative in Rajkot. Here the Goldsmith community is giving gifts to people taking the vaccine. Here, gold nose pins are being given to women and hand blender to men 

Sony society initiative

 Such an attempt is expected to accelerate the corona vaccination program. According to reports, more than 1300 people have been vaccinated in this camp so far. The second wave of Corona is spreading across the country including Gujarat. In Gujarat, more and more people get Vaccine of Corona for this, common people are coming forward with the government.

 Coronavirus in India is increasing

 According to the Union Health Ministry, 1 lakh 15 thousand 736 people have been infected with Coronavirus in the last 24 hours, while 630 people lost their lives during this period. After this, the number of corona infected in India has gone to 1 crore 28 lakh 1 thousand 785 and 1 lakh 66 thousand 177 people have lost their lives.

 More than 1 lakh cases

 From the onset of the epidemic till now, this is the highest number of total infections found in a single day. Earlier on Monday (April 5), 1,03,558 new cases were reported across the country. At the same time last year, the maximum number of cases came in one day on September 16 and 97894 cases were registered. India has become the second country after America, where more than one lakh cases of (Covid-19) have come in one day.

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