Xiaomi MIUI 13 Rolls Out In India For Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11X Pro, Redmi Note 10 And More

Xiaomi MIUI 13 Rolls Out In India For Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11X Pro, Redmi Note 10 And More

New Delhi: Almost a week after unveiling MIUI 13, its custom ROM based on Android 12 in China, Xiaomi India on Thursday announced the new MIUI 13 for users in the country at a virtual event. Xiaomi’s next-generation operation system, MIUI 13 was unveiled during the global Redmi Note 11 Series launch and it comes with improved personalisation and efficiency. A successor to the previous-gen MIUI 12.5, the new MIUI 13 also adds a file storage system called Liquid Storage. MIUI 13 offers an all-round upgrade with a focus on improving core experience — including faster storage, higher background process efficiency, smarter processing, and longer battery life.

Xiaomi’s latest custom Android skin MIUI 13 will be available in India for the following Xiaomi and Redmi models

Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11X Pro, Mi 11 Lite, Xiaomi 11T Pro, Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G, Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, Redmi Note 10 Pro, Redmi Note 10, and Redmi 10 Prime in the first quarter (Q1), according to Xiaomi. The MIUI 13 update will also be rolled out for other Xiaomi and Redmi devices in the future, but the exact timeline is not known. The new MIUI 13 comes with useful features such as Super Wallpapers, Mind Maps in Notes, enhanced Control Centre, Game Turbo, amongst others.

“We take pride in making MIUI the most user-centric and user-friendly OS for a phone. Over the last few years, we have spent significant time addressing feedback from millions of fans worldwide towards improving the overall experience on MIUI. With MIUI 13, we are focusing on improved performance, refined design, multitasking and optimisation features,” Muralikrishnan B, Chief Operating Officer, Xiaomi India, said in a statement.

The new MIUI also brings useful features such as sidebar and widgets as part of customisation. Along with MIUI 13 comes Liquid Storage, a new system-level method of managing the way files are stored on devices. On traditional devices, as we constantly write and rewrite the data on our devices, over time the device’s storage ends up being fragmented. After just 36 months, this slows the read and write speeds by as much as 50 per cent, according to the handset maker.

MIUI 13 also introduces new features that let users customise and personalise their experience. With all-new widgets, users are able to personalise their smartphones with convenient modules and notifications in the App Vault or on the home screen. Sidebar is another efficiency tool in MIUI 13, that allows users to access their favourite apps in floating windows with a swipe — without leaving the current app. This is a great feature for multitaskers that want an easier way to pull up multiple apps at once, or quickly swap between them.

“This also affects how quickly you can access apps, and how quickly those apps can access their necessary resources — slowing down everything. Liquid Storage on MIUI 13 reduces fragmentation and actively manages stored data, improving defragmentation efficiency by up to 60 per cent. Long term, some other Android OS read and write speeds drop by as much as 50 per cent after 36 months, while MIUI 13 retains up to 95 per cent — giving users a ‘new’ experience longer, and prolonging device lifespan,” the company had earlier said in a statement.

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