‘100 People, 11 Food Items’: This MP Wants Law To Restrict Guests At Marriage Functions

New Delhi: To curb wastage of money during weddings, Congress MP Jasbir Singh Gill on Wednesday asked the Centre to bring in a law to restrict the number of guests at marriage functions.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha, Gill said lavish feasts served at marriage functions should also be curtailed, PTI reported.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, Gill said that it was necessary to remove the wastage of money during weddings.

To buttress his point, Gill claimed that in some marriage functions, guests were served as many as 289 food items and the hosts shell out as much as Rs 2,500 per plate.

“The government should frame a law that should restrict guests to 50 each from the groom’s and the bride’s side and food items served should not be more than 11,” Gill said.

Reacting to Gill’s demand, Speaker Om Birla said the members should lead by example to bring change. “We as MPs, as people’s representatives, start doing it, the country would follow,” he said.

Gill further claimed that such a law was in effect in Pakistan. “For this, law is not required but willpower is needed,” Birla said.

In Pakistan, a Supreme Court order allows only one dish at weddings and ban unnecessary decoration to curb the extravagance of Pakistani wedding functions.

The Supreme Court has also placed a ban on fireworks and enormous lighting in wedding functions. The court stated that only one main dish would be allowed at wedding ceremonies. Guests may be served a curry, rice, nan, one type of salad and yogurt.

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