Asteroid 3 times larger than the Great Pyramid to fly past Earth this week

According to NASA, a massive asteroid up to 1,600 feet in diameter is expected to fly past Earth soon. The huge rock, named 2015 DR215 is likely to go near by Earth this week.

The potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA) is not expected to collide with Earth any time in near future.

As per NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the 2015 DR215’s expected trajectory will take it on a path past our planet described as a “close approach”.

Even when the asteroid will be at its closest point, it will be around 4.1 million miles away from Earth. This is more than 17 times further away from us than the moon is.

The diameter of 2015 DR215 makes it about three-and-a-half times as big as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Based on NASA’s speculations, the space rock has nearly 18,500 miles per hour. CNEOS further states that the asteroid is due to make its close approach to Earth at around 1:41 am on March 11.

While its not so uncommon for an asteroid to come closer to our planet. The asteroid will fly past our planet in 2028, but there won’t be any risks to us.

Potentially hazardous asteroids are those that have a potential to make threatening close approaches to Earth. Usually, if an asteroid can’t get nearer to Earth than about 4,650,000 miles or is smaller than about 500 feet in diameter then it is not considered to be a PHA.

Nevertheless, astronomers monitor thousands of asteroids in the solar system including many PHAs to avoid all sorts of dangers on out planet.

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