Big political change is going to happen in Bihar! If this wish of CM Nitish is fulfilled then the ‘dice’ will turn

Patna: Does Nitish Kumar want to leave the post of Chief Minister of Bihar and go to Delhi? Want to become a member of Rajya Sabha? We are saying this because today in his chamber in the Bihar Assembly, whatever CM said in an informal conversation with the journalists, this is reflected in it. In fact, Nitish has been an MLA, Lok Sabha MP, a minister in the central government, a member of the Bihar Legislative Council. Still MLC. In such a situation, they feel that once they get the membership of Rajya Sabha, then their political life will be complete.

Said this about contesting Lok Sabha elections

When the journalists asked him that you are visiting your old parliamentary constituency Nalanda. There has been talk of making the old parliamentary constituency Barh a district. If you have been an MP from there many times, will you contest the Lok Sabha elections again? On this he said that this is my absolutely personal tour. I could not go for two years due to the Corona period. That’s why I am going there. I am meeting people. I am hearing problems. I have no intention of contesting the Lok Sabha elections.

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During this, Nitish said that till now he has not become a member of Rajya Sabha. Let us tell you that it seems that he wants to go to the Rajya Sabha. Along with this, Nitish also said that he is currently serving Bihaar. He has the responsibility here. But after what Nitish said about the Rajya Sabha, there has been speculation in the political corridors whether Nitish really wants to go to the Rajya Sabha by handing over the reins of Bihaar to another. The discussion of Nitish becoming the Vice President is also in full swing. It is discussed that if BJP offers to make him the Vice President, then the way for him to go to Rajya Sabha will also be cleared. He will become the Chairman of Rajya Sabha.

Understand the political equation of Bihar

Anyway, there is a discussion in the Political Corridor of Bihar that BJP wants to make its Chief Minister in Bihar. Three VIP MLAs have joined BJP. BJP has become the single largest party in Bihar Assembly with 77 MLAs. BJP MLA from Bihar Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul has claimed that 13 out of 19 Congress MLAs are in touch with BJP, who will soon join BJP.

In Bihaar, BJP is increasing the number of its MLAs. In such a situation, the question has started to arise whether he is eyeing the post of Chief Minister? At the same time, BJP MLA Vinay Bihari has given air to these speculations. BJP MLA Vinay Bihari has said that Nitish should be removed from the post of CM in Bihar. He said that Bihar should have a Chief Minister of BJP. In such a situation, speculation has started that whether BJP wants to make Nitish its Chief Minister in Bihar by offering to make him the Vice President?

At the same time, Nitish has also expressed his desire to go to Rajya Sabha in an informal conversation with journalists today. With all this, the market of speculation is hot whether Nitish will go to Delhi and become the Chief Minister of BJP in Bihaar? Politics is a game of possibilities and Nitish is known only for his shocking decisions. In such a situation, only time will tell what will happen.

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