CBSE 10th Result Declared: From Errors in Question Paper to Cheating Allegations, Know Controversies During Term 1 Exams

CBSE 10th Result 2022: Even as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has declared the result for the class 10 board exams after a long wait, a large section of parents and students are unhappy with their decision as the board is yet to give an official statement on several controversies that took place during the term 1 exams. Many stakeholders claim that this can lead to unresolved issues among students who are questioning the fairness of the result.

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As CBSE declared the result for class 10 board exams, here is a look back at all the controversies that took place during term 1 exams. This ranges from alleged cheating cases to errors in the question papers to stopping of evaluation mid-way.

When CBSE stopped evaluation mid-way

CBSE was earlier releasing the answer key on the same day as the exam. It also asked teachers to check OMR sheets based on answer keys on the same day but later was discontinued. Several teachers claimed that there were errors in answer keys, as well as question papers, and demanded that the evaluation be held digitally to avoid errors. Some teachers, however, believed that the offline evaluation leaves room for rectification. The board has also acknowledged that there can be errors in the question papers, and answer keys, however, assured students that there is a redressal mechanism to address their concerns.

When CSMA Alleged Cheating During Exams

CBSE Schools Management Association (CSMA) alleged that schools helped students in cheating during exams. The association alleged paper leaks, loopholes, and consequent malpractices in the system. They claimed that students were given questions ahead of time in some areas and in some students were asked to write ‘c’ in the answer sheet which was later converted into ‘a’, ‘b’, or ‘d’ based on the correct option. While CBSE did not release any clarification on these allegations, it stopped the evaluation to be done on the same day as well as did not give the same school as the exam centre for term 2 exams.

When English Exam Had Sexit Paragraph

CBSE class 10 English exam had raised many eyebrows over a paragraph on women. The passage showed women in bad light and was termed as sexist. Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi even raised questions on this in Parliament.

The passage said, “wives stopped obeying their husbands and that is the main reason children and servants are indisciplined,” read the passage. “Women gaining independence is the main reason for a wide variety of social and family problems.” The question then asks students to comment on the tone of the passage and one of the options was the “writer is a male chauvinist pig”. The question raised an eyebrow and thereafter the board decided to drop the passage and award full marks to all candidates for the question no matter what the response of the student was.

Now, CBSE has given full marks to all students for their English comprehension. The board has also taken action against the person who had set the question paper.

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