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Nowruz Today 2022: Indian Society In the spring, when Holi is celebrated, the festival of Navroz is celebrated around it. As Holi is the last day of the year in Indian society, similarly people of Parsi community celebrate Nowruz to welcome the new year. It is also called Parsi New Year. Google has wished Parsi New Year by making a doodle on this occasion.

Nowruz 2022: related to the sun Actually

according to the Parsi calendar and date, the day of the spring equinox is called the day of Nowruz. Vasant means spring and equinox have two meanings, one is the equator and the other is the twentieth day. Iran means that from where Zoroastrianism came to the fore in popular beliefs, it is believed that when the rays of the sun start shining on the equator, then the festival of Nowruz comes.

Nowruz is known by many names

Nowruz is a Persian word, which is made up of Nav and Rose. In Navroz, Nav means new and Roz means day. That is why Navroz is celebrated like a festival as a symbol of a new day. In Iran, Navroz is called Ade Navroz. More than 300 million people around the world celebrate Navroz with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Parsi New Year is also known as Jamshedi Navroz, Navroz, Pateti and Khordad Sal. Although this festival is celebrated twice a year. It is celebrated on 16 August and 21 March, half yearly and annually.

Shah Jamdesh was crowned

It is said that about three thousand years ago, Shah Jamdesh assumed the throne in Iran, that day was called Navroz in the Parsi community. Later on, this day was celebrated by the Zarathustra clans as the first day of the new year. In major countries of the world like Iran, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Parsi New Year is celebrated as Navroz.

Nowruz 2022: fire is recognized

The way fire is believed in almost every sect, similarly the Parsi community also performs special rituals regarding fire on the day of Navroz. On this day holy things like picture of Zarathustra, candle, glass, scented incense sticks, sugar, coins are kept in one place. There is a belief in the Parsi community that by doing this, happiness and prosperity increases in the family. On the day of Navroz, all the family members go together to the prayer places. There is also a tradition of offering sandalwood in the holy fire. After dedicating sandalwood to the fire at the place of worship, the people of the Parsi community greet each other on Navroz.

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