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New Delhi Kyiv JNN: Nearly four weeks after the Russia Ukraine war, the Ukrainian president has said that if talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin fail, a third world war is certain. He made it clear that Ukraine would not surrender to Russia. He said this when Russia said that if the Ukrainian army surrenders, it can provide a humanitarian corridor for the safe evacuation of civilians from Maripol.

In this sequence, he warned Russia that if the talks with Putin failed, there would be a 3rd world war. He said that NATO should make it clear that they are accepting us or openly say that they are not accepting us. He said that the truth is that he is afraid of Russia. During this, the Ukrainian President also mentioned the 3rd World War. What are its implications after all? Why did he appeal to NATO to become a member of his organization once again?

What is the NATO factor in this war.

does Zelensky’s prediction of the third world war have any merit?

1- Prof Pant says that the direction in which the Russia-Ukraine war is moving, its results will not be good. Russia is constantly talking to China for help. If China comes in support of Russia in this war, then obviously America will intervene in it. This will be a big challenge for America and NATO countries. In such a situation, its scope will not be limited to Ukraine. Its heat is known to other countries of Europe.

2- He said that if this war goes on longer then such situations may arise. Especially when Zelensky has declared that he will not bow down to Russia. In such a situation, Russia has no option but to pursue the war. Secondly, now this war has become a question of Russia’s prestige. Putin will have to tell the country what he has achieved in this war. So far he has not achieved anything on the basis of which he can prove that this war was necessary

3- Putin’s eyes are set on the surrender of Ukraine and this cannot happen. It would not be in Zelensky’s interest. In such a situation, this war will go on for a long time and there may be pressure on China for Russian cooperation. If this does not happen, then Russia may be eager for a nuclear attack to suppress Ukraine. In such a situation, America and NATO countries will have to come forward in this war. Due to all these speculations, Zelensky is saying that this war is moving towards the 3rd world war.

Russia Ukraine War: Is NATO a big factor in this war?

Pro. Harsh V Pant says that it is almost four weeks of Russia-Ukraine war. In such a situation, questions are being raised that how much NATO or America is to blame for this war. Indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been saying that the US promised in the 1990s not to expand NATO in the Far East. Putin said that but America has broken this promise

Has America really broken its promise?

Indeed, Russian President Putin has long claimed that the US promised in the 1990s that it would not expand NATO in the Far East. But America has broken this promise, he said.

Putin said America has disappointed Russia. However, there is a difference of opinion between the two sides about what was promised to Soviet Union leader Missile Gorbachev in this regard. Let us tell you that many East and Central European countries that were once members of the former Soviet Union or under its influence have become part of NATO today. Four of these countries- Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia share borders with Russia. Russia has been saying that Russia’s security is directly threatened by the expansion of NATO and the presence of NATO forces and military equipment near its border

Was Ukraine-NATO proximity a strategic threat to Russia?

Prof Pant says that Putin had said many times that Ukraine should stop its militarization and that it should not become part of any faction. However, Ukraine has always opposed Putin’s demand. Putin has been blaming the US administration and Western countries for this. Putin has argued that Ukraine was never a full-fledged country. He has always accused Ukraine of being a puppet of the West. He said Putin wanted the US and the West to ensure that Ukraine was never made part of NATO. He also wanted guarantee from America and Western countries

what is NATO organization

NATO believes that an attack on any one country of the organization will be considered an attack on the whole organization. That is, all the countries of NATO will give an answer to an attack on one’s country.

NATO does not have its own army or any other defense sources, the North Atlantic Tritigration (NATO) is an international organization. Was created in the year 1949 between 28 European countries and two North American countries. NATO aims to guarantee freedom and security to its member states through political and military means.

This organization came into existence after the Second World War. NATO headquarter is located in Brussels, Belgium. All NATO member countries will contribute with their respective armies on the basis of mutual understanding. Explain that only NATO member countries can take advantage of its protection. NATO will have no accountability to other countries that are not members of NATO.

NATO is accountable for defending its member states from any external aggression, but NATO will have zero participation if a member country is subjected to a civil or any other attack.

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