Women Voters’ Outnumbered Men In Assembly Elections, Says Chief Election Commissioner

New Delhi: The Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra on Monday said that the women’s participation in exercising franchise has exceeded that of men in the recently held Assembly elections.

“In Goa, Uttarakhand and several constituencies of Uttar Pradesh, women voters turnout exceeded than men. The difference was striking in Uttarakhand with women clocking 67.20 per cent turnout as against 62.60 per cent male voters, which is 5 per cent more than men,” Chandra said while addressing over 150 delegates from nearly 32 countries during, International Election Visitors Programme 2022 virtually.

He also said that Goa saw 80.96 percent turnout among women citizens against 78.19 percent of men electors. In Manipur, 90% of women voters cast their votes against 88% men electors. Out of seven stages in UP, in three phases, women citizens turnout surpassed men. Male citizens were 51.03 percent while female turnout was 62.62 percent.

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“I compliment all women voters on the eve of international women’s day. Last year we have five elections and turnouts were good. Assam had 82.4 per cent, Kerala 76.5 per cent, Tamil Nadu had 73 per cent, West Bengal 82 per cent and Puducheri had 83.4 per cent. So even at last year’s pandemic time, electors came forward to cast their vote.”

Chief Election Commissioner said that during these current elections around 48,000 complaints were recorded which were immediately attended by Officials. He further added that the complete seizure of money, alcohol, narcotics, and gifts is around USD 137 million, which is 3.5 times more than the 2017 elections.

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