Attack Movie review: John Abraham turned the country’s security system into a ‘comedy circus’ in the midst of action.

Attack Movie review: John Abraham, Rakul Preet Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez’s film ‘Attack‘ has been released in cinemas. In the last few years, John Abraham has made a lot of action-packed films adorned with the flavor of patriotic-national security. But this time we have come up with a strong action sci-fi film ‘Attack’, which has patriotism and also a matter of national security, but has come out to save a ‘super-soldier‘. Now whether this super soldier can drag you to the theaters or not, you can decide by reading this review

Attack Movie Review: Storyline

Story of ‘Attack’ Arjun, a soldier of the army Shergill (John Abraham), who is a wonderful soldier, but in a terrorist attack at the airport, he is badly injured and his whole life changes. Arjun comes on the wheel chair and his whole body becomes paralyzed.

This is where the story of his becoming a ‘Super Soldier’ ​​begins. Jacqueline ‘Aisha’ has been made in the film, who is John Abraham’s love interest. Rakul Preet Singh is an artificial intelligence expert and John Abraham becomes a supersoldier by being a part of his project. That’s all, now that’s all about the story, to know more, you will have to go to the cinema halls

The story of the attack starts with an attack from the first scene itself. It may be difficult for you to understand what is happening for the first few minutes. By the time you understand this attack, John Abraham will start appearing on the screen as a lover boy. The love-story starts and then the kiss happens, but in this film, the love story starts with the kiss… The first half of the film is also similar, I do not know when which emotion will come. Actually in the first half you will not see the story, only the events and this is the reason why you will not be able to feel emotionally connected anywhere

the same second half still comparatively It’s a little fun, because you will get to see tremendous action in it. That too with the tinge of science. John does not have as many funny dialogues with his heroines as with his artificial intelligence partner ‘Ira’.

In the second half, while the action is quite fun, the logic of the story goes on a short leave. This is a science fiction film, so there is no problem in making ‘Super Soldier’ ​​using science, nor in this fiction, there is no problem in making a story by combining all these. The blame for this mess will be blamed on Lakshya Raj Anand, who is working for the first time as a director. India’s first super soldier that too John Abraham

This idea is enough to excite in itself. But even with so many good elements, the connection that the audience should make with the story will not be made. You will hardly find salt in this Khichdi of ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Mission Impossible’. To make the hero appear as a ‘super soldier’ ​​in the Is But because of showing all this, we have proved the security system of our country as a ‘comedy circus’.

More than 100 terrorists enter the Parliament of the country carrying lakhs of tons of ammunition and guns and that too when the Parliament session is going on. Not only this, the Prime Minister of the country also comes here. You make such a rush of logic to make your ‘mission’ appear ‘impossible’.

The thing to understand is that if you want to remain in the storm of South Indian films that has come in the country at this time, then how will this work with such ‘logical’ films. Incredible action is also there in Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ but it has been served with the story and that is the reason why it is being liked a lot.

And he is very much frozen in this film. John’s action does not seem fake anywhere. This soldier who kills so many terrorists will seem justified to you but just… nothing else. Jacqueline, as I said earlier, has a love interest in the film. Rakul is good in her role. Prakash Raj’s chemistry with John is more solid than these two heroines

See movies put two kinds of world in front of us. One such, seeing which you wake up saying, ‘Hey these are people like us.’ Your own world which seems very real. The second is cinema, which does not have any meaning with your real life, but these stories are beyond your imaginations and startle.

In fact, these other types of films are often sold in the name of ‘mass entertainer’. Movies that show a world that you want to be true but you know is not true. But whether we show Supercop, Super-Bhai, Super-gunda or Super Soldier in such ‘Mass Entertainer the logic and emotional connect in these stories also cannot be stopped. Just so 2.5 stars from my side for this ‘attack’ of John Abraham.

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