Beast Movie Public Review: Fans going crazy about the film

South’s superstar actor Vijay Thalapathy’s film ‘Beast‘ has been released in cinemas across the country on Wednesday. Even before the release of the film, its strong buzz was created. Critics also showered a lot of love on the film, but now that the film has been released in theatres, the public is sharing its personal review on social media after seeing it. So let’s know what is the public sentiment about Vijay Thalapathy’s film?

Beast – Should you go to see this movie?

It is reported that fans started thronging the theaters only to watch the first show of the film. After watching the film, a user wrote on social media, ‘The fans of Beiast Thalapathy have a feast. It is a theme park with all kinds of rides. While criticizing the film, a user wrote, ‘It is a worn plot, very weak story, the screenplay is rubbish. Comedy works somewhere.

Fans going crazy about the film

One user wrote in praise of the film, ‘I have never seen so much hype about a film in recent times. This hype is real. After watching the first half of the film, a user wrote in praise, ‘The first half of Beast is amazing. It is the perfect mix of action and comedy. Exactly what we expect from Nelson.

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