ED questions former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah? this is the case

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has questioned former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. The agency is questioning about the scam in the fund of Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association. National Conference (NC) vice-president Omar Abdullah was questioned by the ED at its Delhi headquarters this afternoon.

The ED had summoned National Conference vice-president Omar Abdullah to appear in Delhi today on the ground that his presence was necessary in connection with the probe. It was said that he would cooperate in the investigation.

It has been said through a statement on behalf of JKNC that due to Ramzan, he (Omar Abdullah) could not stay in Delhi for a long time, due to which he tried not to postpone the time of appearance. JKNC has accused the central government of saying that the habit of the center has become abusive to the agencies. In such a situation, the questioning of Omar Abdullah has also taken place in this connection.

The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has said in a statement that the BJP has used agencies like ED, CBI, NIA, NCB for political purposes to downplay the role of the opposition parties. There was a time when elections were announced through the Election Commission, but now it seems that they will be announced through the ED.

The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference further said in the statement that the ED is being used against the political parties which can prove to be a challenge to the BJP. Keeping this in mind, our National Vice President was summoned.

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