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School Phobia: Children’s schools were closed for the last two years due to the corona epidemic. Sitting at home has had a very bad effect on the mental and physical development of children. But, after the effect of corona infection subsided, the state government across the country has ordered the reopening of children’s schools. But, after two years at home, many children no longer want to go back to school. Many children are happy with the name of going to school, but in many children, phobia can be seen about going to school. If your child is also hesitant to go to school, then there is no need to worry. First of all, you should understand the reason for this school phobia of the child and know about the way to overcome it.

What is school phobia?

During the Corona epidemic, they were forced to stay at home for 2 consecutive years. We all know that there is a big difference between the environment at home and the environment outside. The child lives in a protected environment at home. At the same time, after coming out of the threshold of the house, children have a different experience. There is a big difference between school and home environment. In school, children have to face many new challenges along with learning something new every day. Along with this, it also takes a lot of time to mingle with new people. In such a situation, many times children get scared of this environment and start refusing to go to school. To avoid going to school, children make excuses for diseases like fever, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Such fear of children is called school phobia in medical language. Phobia means fear. Usually school phobia is seen between 6 to 15 years old child.

Important causes of school phobia-

1. School is such a place where children get to learn something or the other all the time. After this, children are assessed in different ways on how the child is reading, writing and learning. In such a situation, many times children get scared of this evaluation and do not want to participate in other activities like exams, sports days etc.

2. Many times children start struggling with academic problems in school. Some children are weak in studies. In such a situation, for this reason they have to hear scolding again and again. Due to this, children become victims of school phobia under mental pressure.

3. The problem of bullying in school has become very common these days. Although children do not understand the meaning of bullying, but sometimes unknowingly, they start bullying other children because of their height, weight, color etc. Because of this, many times children shy away from going to school.

4. Sometimes the transfer of parents gets done elsewhere. In such a situation, the children have to go to the new school. Children sometimes have to face a lot of trouble to adjust with the new environment and new child in the new school. Because of this also children start getting scared of the name of the school.

5. Many times it has been seen that the younger children of the school are harassed by the older children. Due to this many times they become a victim of separation anxiety. Along with this, due to staying in the house for a long time, he wakes up on his own accord to sleep, study and watch TV. But, in school, they have to do all the work according to the routine. Even in such a situation, children may have school phobia.

Symptoms of school phobia

If your child is making different excuses while going to school, then understand that your child is suffering from school phobia. Along with this, if the child refuses to sit in the school transport, then in such a situation the child may become a victim of school phobia.

Ways to overcome school phobia-

As a parent, it is your duty to take the children out of all kinds of troubles. In such a situation, if your child is suffering from school phobia, then first of all you should understand the reason for this phobia. Talk to the kids about what kind of problems they have in school. If you remove this problem of the child, then he will start going to school happily. Along with this, school and counseling also have a very important role in removing school phobia of children.

Along with this, you can also talk about giving some kind of reward to the children to encourage them to go to school. Along with this, take the help of the school in this work. If the child still does not want to go to school, then you can take him to the counselor and get him counseled. In these simple ways, you can overcome the fear of the child’s school and make them strong to face the world.

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