Criminal Procedure Identification Bill 2022: related to process of identification of criminals passed by Lok Sabha Amit Shah said need of the hour

The Criminal Procedure Identification Bill 2022 was passed in the Lok Sabha on Monday. Provision has been made in the bill to take biological samples, fingerprints, foot prints and other types of samples for the identification of a convicted or accused person. Rejecting the apprehensions of the opposition, Home Minister Amit Shah called this bill the need of the hour. Now the bill will be sent to Rajya Sabha.

The bill was vigorously debated in the Lok Sabha. The opposition called the bill against fundamental rights and human rights. Opposition MPs also said that the bill is against the right to privacy. Home Minister Amit Shah retaliated and said that the government is first concerned about the human rights of the victims.

What is the provision in the bill?
The body of a person convicted or arrested on the charge of any offence, may be measured. The measurement will include fingerprint of the person, foot print, Irish eye sample, his photograph, biological sample like blood sample, his signature etc.

These samples can be taken after the order of the magistrate. The police station head or head constable of a police station and a police officer of the rank above the head warder of the jail can take the sample. The responsibility of keeping the data or data obtained from the sample will be the responsibility of the National Crime Records Bureau.

These data will be kept safe for 75 years after which it will be abolished. However, in the event of completion of the sentence or acquittal from the court, the data can be destroyed even earlier.

The new bill has been brought to make a new law by abolishing the Identification of Prisoners Act of 1920. The opposition feared that the government would try to collect DNA samples on the pretext of taking biological samples, which is against the law. The government says that the provisions made in the bill are very important from the point of view of investigation and prevention of crime.

Some light-hearted moments were also seen in the House of Discussion. When Amit Shah was speaking at the beginning of the discussion on the bill, the TMC MP told him that the manner in which Amit Shah talks, scares him. On this, Amit Shah replied with alacrity that he never scares him, but his voice is a bit high. Amit Shah jokingly said that he has a manufacturing defect.

Amit Shah said in Parliament – I never scold anyone, I do not even get angry … I just get on the question of Kashmir

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