Dasvi Movie Review: Abhishek Bachchan’s acting passed, but the weak story failed the tenth

Dasvi is the story of an illiterate chief minister. Ganga Ram Choudhary (Abhishek Bachchan) is the Chief Minister of Harit Pradesh. He has been sent to jail for indulging in teacher scam. In such a situation, Ganga Ram asks his humble wife Bimla (Nimrat Kaur) to become the Chief Minister in his absence. First, the police in-charge Satnam Tomar (Manu Rishi Chadha) gives him his quarters inside the jail to live in.

He is allowed to eat food cooked from outside and moreover, he is not given any work unlike other prisoners. All this changes after Jyoti Deswal (Yami Gautam Dhar) becomes the jail superintendent. She is a taskmaster who believes in doing her duty religiously. She forces Ganga Ram to go to the jail cell and eat the jail food. She also orders him to do the work of making a chair. The picture of him making a chair goes viral and he becomes the object of all jokes.

An enraged Ganga Ram orders Bimala to pass Jyoti’s transfer order immediately. However, after assuming power, Bimla’s attitude changes. She knows that once Ganga Ram is released, her powers will be taken away.

Hence, she reminds Ganga Ram that she was the one who transferred Jyoti to jail when he beat up her party workers. Therefore, transferring him again would be against him. One day, Ganga Ram learns that some prisoners are students and are preparing for the upcoming examinations.

They are also told that those who study are exempted from working. This and his childhood dream of getting a degree lead Ganga Ram to announce that he will appear for his class 10 exam. Enraged, he even made a condition to Jyoti that if he failed in the 10th board, he would never be able to become the chief minister again in his life. Will have to watch the rest of the film for what happens next

Dasvi Review

Ram Bajpayee’s story is promising. However, the screenplay of Ritesh Shah, Suresh Nair and Sandeep Lejel is poor. The film was intended to be a comic drama but, there are hardly any funny moments in the film that will make the audience laugh a lot.

There are many flaws in the script as well. The dialogues of Ritesh Shah, Suresh Nair and Sandeep Lejel are sharp, but in few places. A film like this should have had witty and hilarious dialogues throughout the narrative. Tushar Jalota’s direction is average, while the message on the importance of education comes out well. He has also handled some scenes very well.

The scene in which Ganga Ram results is a sequence that shows that the director has potential. Another track that works is Jyoti and Ganga Ram’s bond and how it develops as the story progresses.

Bimla’s transformation is also quite dangerous. However, Tushar Jalota should have rightly noted how a shy and soft spoken Bimla suddenly became such a heartless and manipulative person. The change in his personality has happened very suddenly.

Not only this, if the makers had shown that Ganga Ram misbehaves with him continuously, then it would have been understandable for Bimala to get along with Ganga Ram after assuming power. It seems incomprehensible why Bimla is so cruel to her husband.

The track of the whole scam also does not impress as it is not explained neatly. Perhaps, the makers wanted to keep the story short and when they were able to do so, these important details were not given due importance which reduced the impact. Abhishek A Bachchan delivers a solemn performance. He tries his best to make his acting entertaining and succeeds in it too.

Nimrat Kaur is a surprise. She gets to play the best role which she further enhances with her beautiful performance. The scene where she takes the oath of CM and where she bangs an employee is great. Yami Gautam Dhar is also fine and suits the role of a tough police officer.

Manu Rishi Chadha is decent. Chittaranjan Tripathi (Tandon; IAS officer) is fine. Arun Kushwaha (bell) does well. The actors who play Danish Hussain (Rae Bareilly; Librarian) and Prem Kaidi and Inamdar are fine.

Dhanveer Singh (Ganga Ram’s brother) is ruined. Sachin-Jigar’s music is not worth remembering much. ‘Macha Macha Re’ is like the theme song of the film and is well woven into the story. ‘Nakhralo’ is forgettable. ‘Than Liya’ gives the déj vu of ‘Ek Zindaari’. ‘Gunny Trip’ is missing from the film.

The background score of Sachin-Jigar keeps the mood light-hearted and funny. Kabir Tejpal’s cinematography is neat. Mayur Barate’s production design looks genuine. Sheetal Iqbal Sharma’s costume is not glamorous but looks alluring. Sreekar Prasad’s editing is good. Overall, Dasvi is an intriguing story and message packed film that rests on the fine performances of the 3 leading actors. However, due to the flawed script, the film didn’t make much of an impact

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