Google Doodle pays tribute to Iraq’s Naziha Salim All you need to know

Search giant Google today offered a recognition by Doodle work of art in a tribute to Salim’s painting style and a festival of her well established commitments to the craftsmanship world.

Naziha Salim was an Iraqi painter,

teacher and one of the most persuasive specialists in Iraq’s contemporary craftsmanship scene. Her work frequently portrays provincial Iraqi ladies and worker life through intense brush strokes and distinctive tones. On this day in 2020, Naziha Salim was highlighted by the Barjeel Art Foundation in their assortment of female artists

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To paint the scene, Salim was naturally introduced to a group of Iraqi specialists in Turkey. Her dad was a painter and her mom was a talented weaving craftsman. Every one of the three of her siblings worked in human expression, including Jawad, who’s broadly viewed as one of Iraq’s most powerful artists. Since the beginning she delighted in making her own art.

Naziha Salim’s work of art hangs at the Sharjah Art Museum and the Modern Art Iraqi Archive. There you can see the enchanted she made from dribbling brushes and overflowed materials

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