After facing a drought of shooting stars for nearly three months, the Earth is once again welcoming the Lyrid meteors. Interestingly, the annual Lyrid Meteor Shower are set to be seen in the Indian skies this time.

According to experts, there will be at least 10 to 15 meteors every hour. These can be seen from Delhi, Kolkata and some other parts of the country too. The meteors will be at their peak at 8:31 PM IST.

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These meteor showers will beautify the Indian sky from tonight till April 29. However, the brightness of the moon could prevent people from witnessing the unique phenomenon. Due to this reason, astronomers believe that meteor showers are best observed in early morning, which is just before the sunrise.

The meteor showers expected to be seen in India this month are also likely to face the impact of moon’s brightness, which will reduce their visibility by 20-25 per cent.

As per NASA, the Lyrid meteors have been observed in the Earth’s skies since the last 2,700 years. They are said to leave behind glimmering dust trails and streaks in the night sky.

You’d be surprised to know that the Lyrid meteors are named after the Lyra constellation of stars, the meteors are a part of the debris field left behind by Comet Thatcher which is currently hurtling through the solar system distant from the Sun.

This comet is expected to reverse its trajectory in another 45 years. It is known to be a long period comet and it takes about 415 years to orbit the sun once.

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The debris fields are crated when comets pass through and leave chunks behind them.

Many chunks behind the debris fields often burn up in the atmosphere to create a meteor shower based on the position of the Earth in its rotation.

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