Inflation based on wholesale price rises to 14.55 percent in March 2022

WPI Inflation has increased again in the month of March. In the month of March 2022, the Wholesale Price Index based inflation rate (WPI based Infltion) has been 14.55 percent. Whereas in February 2022, the infltion rate based on the Wholesale Price Index was 13.11 percent. This is the highest level of four months of wholesale infltion. In January 2022, the infltion rate was 12.96 percent. It is a matter of concern that the infltion rate has been in double figures continuously for the last one year.

There is a sharp rise in the food infltion rate in the month of March. During this, the food infltion rate has increased from 8.47 percent to 8.71 percent. There has been a tremendous jump in the wholesale based infltion rate of potatoes. The inflation rate of potato has increased from 14.78 percent to 24.62 percent. If we look at the inflation rate of fuel and power, from February 2022 from where it was 31.50 percent, which has increased to 34.52 percent.

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