MP News: Painter showed a sample of art on 6 verses of Ramayana in Indore, said big thing

Ram Navami 2022: In Indore, the famous painter has made a priceless painting. Different scenes of Ramayana are depicted in the painting. In one scene, Hanuman ji is seen searching for Sita. The title of the painting has also been kept as the search of Sita. The huge form of Hanuman ji is shown in the painting made on the Ramayana series. Hanuman ji is sitting on the mountain in anger and it seems that due to anger the whole mountain started falling apart. After scattering in the mountain, different creatures came out.

Different scenes of Ramayana were engraved in the painting
The snake is also visible in the painting of the senior painter. Further, Hanuman ji is seen flying in the sky and finally after entering Lanka, he is entering Ravana’s chamber in search of Sita. Senior painter Ishwari Rawal, who lives in Amitesh Nagar, Indore, has made this special painting. He told that he has been doing research on Ramayana for the last 3 years. During research, the idea came that today’s generation is forgetting our culture and religion. After which he decided to make paintings.

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Honor has been received from President Shankar Dayal Sharma
The painting has been made for the purpose of connecting the coming generation with the culture. The painting is based on 6 verses from Valmiki Ramayana. It will take 2 months to complete. Ishwari Rawal says that when I was upset, Valmiki started reading Ramayana and in the first chapter Lord Rama is going to the forest. The women of the village are going to see Sita ji. When I read the other verses carefully, then the idea of ​​making this painting came. The painting of Ishwari Rawal has got the irony of the artwork not only in the country but also abroad. It has also been honored by the President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma.

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