‘No Fuel Price Hike In Telangana In 7 Years’: Telangana CM KCR On PM’s Call To Reduce VAT

New Delhi: TRS president and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao said, Telangana has not climbed fuel costs beginning around 2014 when TRS assumed power and the central government has no privilege to ask the state to reduce the taxes.

In his closing comment at the Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s 21st Foundation Day festivities, the chief minister described the video meeting held by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Covid-19 circumstance as “drama conference”.

“The PM held a video conference with CMs on the corona situation… In that conference, he (Modi) talks about reducing taxes on fuel. Can the PM talk like this?” Rao said.

“We don’t get 41% of our rightful share because of the Cess imposed by your govt. In the form of Cess, you are looting 11.4% from the state & we are getting only 29.6% for FY23. Please scrap Cess so we can give Petrol at ₹70 & Diesel at ₹60 all over India. One Nation – One Price?” Rao’s tweet read.

Had Modi been worried about the public, his government could not have possibly climbed petroleum and diesel rates and, surprisingly, the cess, he asked.

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“After Telangana state was formed, we have never raised petrol and diesel prices. It has been raised by the BJP government at the Centre. We have not raised taxes, why should we reduce it?” he said.

“This is undesirable, unwanted and uncalled for,” he said adding that the Center isn’t embarrassed about requesting that the states lessen charges on fuel when it itself had climbed it.

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