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New Delhi: There have been incidents of OnePlus Nord 2 devices catching fire in the past and causing burns to the users, and in yet another such incident, a OnePlus Nord 2 has exploded while the user was on a call, the media has reported. According to one Lakshay Verma the OnePlus Nord 2 exploded while his brother was on a call due to which his brother sustained injuries on his palm and face, according to a report published in Gizmo China.

OnePlus Nord 2 Explodes

The incident surfaced on the internet after Verma tweeted that his brother’s OnePlus Nord 2 had blasted in his hands while he was over a call. Verma had added in the tweet that they had visited OnePlus service centre in Connaught Place for a resolution, but to no avail. In fact, Verma was asked to wait for 2-3 days before being told that the service centre can not do anything. Verma had tweeted from his Twitter account @lakshayvrm, but later deleted the tweet along with the images of the burnt OnePlus Nord 2.

ABP Live has reached out to OnePlus for a comment. The story will be updated once we get a response.

The images Verma had tweeted showed the extent of damage to the smartphone and also showed that the Nord 2 was burnt beyond repair. However it is not known why Verma deleted the tweet and the images of the burnt OnePlus Nord 2.

It should be noted that this is not the first instance of a OnePlus Nord 2 device going up in flames. Earlier in January, another model in the OnePlus Nord series had exploded in the country. A OnePlus Nord CE device owned by one Dushyant Goswami had allegedly exploded and he had shared images of the exploded device on Twitter and also posted about the incident on LinkedIn about. However, in his case OnePlus had reportedly promised to send him a new device.

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