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Asaduddin Owaisi on the violence that took place in Gujarat during the Ram Navami procession said that if there is violence, it is not right for anyone. If violence erupts, the onus is on the state government. The report of the Commission of Inquiry for the last 20-25 years says that if the state governments do not want, then violence does not spread.

Owaisi said that I believe it is the responsibility of the state government and they failed to maintain law and order. We want arrests to be made and action taken with proper investigation. Asaduddin Owaisi said that if you had IB report then why were you sleeping? You should have exposed it, deployed police force there and stopped the violence. You bring up stories in the evening to hide your complicit behavior. Such stories are old now.

Owaisi said that for how long will you keep bringing old stories to the fore? Accept your failure. You are a participant yourself. Bhajans should be played, but what kind of slogans were raised? 50-100 swords were waved. This was done in the presence of the police. The government wanted violence and there is collusion.

The Gujarat Police on Wednesday made a big disclosure on the violence and arson that broke out on Ram Navami on Sunday. The police claimed that the violence was pre-planned. In the violence in Khambhat, a conspiracy was hatched under the sleeper module. SP Ajit Rajian said that 11 are involved in the violence. The accused were in contact with people sitting abroad. The accused had hatched a conspiracy after meeting for 3 days. A cleric named Razak had planned this violence. 11 criminals are being interrogated.

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