Government is giving financial assistance to poor families under ‘PM Shishu Vikas Yojana’, know what is the truth?

PIB Fact Check: Many schemes are being run by the Central Government, under which the government gives financial assistance. Recently, a photo is going viral on social media, in which it is being claimed that the government is giving financial assistance to poor families under the ‘PM Shishu Vikas Yojana’. If you have also received such a message, then know what is the truth-

What did you claim?
It was being claimed in the viral photo that under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Shishu Vikas Yojana’, financial assistance is being provided to poor families by the central government to provide better education and better health to their children.

PIB told the truth by tweeting
PIB has written in its official tweet that no such scheme is being run by the Central Government. This claim is completely bogus.

Beware of such messages
After the fact check, PIB has called this message completely fake. PIB said that everyone should beware of such messages going viral on social media. PIB asked people not to forward such messages. By being misled by such messages, you put your personal information and money at risk.

You can also do fact check
If any such message comes to you too, then you can do a fact check to find out about its truth. You can do fact check through PIB. For this you have to visit the official link Apart from this, you can also send the video to WhatsApp number +918799711259 or email: [email protected]

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