PM told students in Gujarat, use of technology is necessary but not away from social life

Prime minister Narendra Modi NEW DELHI: Students should be encouraged to use technology, but they should not forget sports and social life along with it, said on Monday. The Prime Minister is on a three-day visit to his home state. He cautioned the students to engage only in online activities and said that under the new education policy, sports is not included in extra-curricular activities, but is part of education.

Prime Minister Modi began his Gujarat visit with a visit to the ‘Vidya Samiksha Kendra’ or the Command and Control Center for Schools in the state capital Gandhinagar, which collects and analyzes over 500 crore data sets annually from schools. .

Technology will open the way to the whole world

The World Bank has recognized this center as a global best start and has urged other countries to come and learn about the place. Talking to the teachers and students from this center through video conference, Modi said, “You all have experienced the benefits of technology. We are lucky to live in an era where technology is simple and accessible. Once you take a little interest in it, the doors of the whole world will open for you.

He said that children should be encouraged towards it (technology)…but it should not happen that everything is going on online, nothing should happen offline. How can someone (child) know online that jaggery is sweet, unless he has tasted it? For this we have to really taste it. Sports, social life are some of the things which should not be forgotten.

Prime Minister also interacted with teachers

During this interaction, the Prime Minister sought to know from the teachers and students their experience and interest in technology. He asked the students about their experience of using the national portal ‘DIKSHA’ (Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing) for school education.

He also sought to know from the teachers whether the new system of collecting data has put extra burden on them. DIKSHA is the national portal for school education. Significantly, Prime Minister Modi’s visit to this center comes days after the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) tried to corner the BJP government over the condition of government schools in Gujarat.

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