American professor’s lewd remarks on Indians settled in the US, also targeted Brahmin women

An objectionable statement by a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, seems to be creating a big controversy on social media. During the interview, he has targeted the Indian settled in America and has also used objectionable words towards Brahmin women. There has been an uproar on social media due to these comments. Most people have criticized the statement.

First let’s know what professor and well-known lawyer Amy Wax said. Amy Wax gave this interview to American TV channel Fox News on April 8. The clips of this interview have gone viral on social media. In this, Professor Wax says that there is a great resentment and shame among non-Westerners against Westerners and the reason for this is ‘the outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions of Westerners.’

Professor Amy Wax has also criticized Asian, South Asian and Indian doctors during the interview. According to the professor, he is taking the lead in the ongoing campaign against racism and criticizes America as if America is a racist place.

The University of Pennsylvania professor does not stop here, she targets the Brahmin family, saying that Indian women get good education and achieve success in America but then criticize American and accuse America of racism. According to the professor, “the problem is that they have been taught that they are better than others because they are Brahmin elite (from family).”

Different opinions on Amy Wax’s comment

Although most people on social media criticized the remarks of Professor Amyvax’s statement, some people also supported the statement.

Senior journalist Dilip Mandal writes, “India’s exploitative castes slyly become black people in America (and present themselves as victims). Blacks and Native Americans and to a lesser extent Hispanics have asserted their rights.” The upper caste Hindus are grabbing positions that really should have gone to black people, Hispanics or Native Americans.”

Aseem Shukla tweeted and wrote, “Amy Wax, some of us Indian American doctors contribute to the strengthening of America’s healthcare system. In such a situation, we also have the right to criticize. Shukla is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

This is not the first time that Amy Wax’s statement has come under controversy. Earlier, he had given a controversial statement regarding the presence of Asian people in America and Asia immigrants. He said that it would be better for America if the arrival of Asian immigrants in America was reduced.

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