War from road to Parliament in Sri Lanka, Rs 119 billion raids to avert economic crisis

India’s neighboring country and Sri Lanka is going through the worst economic crisis in its history. There is pressure on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to resign due to the failure to deal with this crisis. At the same time, angry people are protesting in many parts of the country due to rising inflation. In view of the violent protests, emergency has been declared in the country for the time being.

Tax cuts are believed to be the biggest reason for Sri Lnka reaching the state of pauper. Apart from this, the collapse of the tourism industry has also been one of the big reasons. As a result, Sri Lnka’s debt management program collapsed and by February, the country was worth $ 12.55 billion. Out of this $ 12.55 billion, the debt of 4 billion is to be repaid this year.

Sri Lanka raids Rs 119.08 billion

At the same time, in view of the deteriorating economic condition and rising inflation in the country, Sri Lanka raided Rs 119.08 billion. The Central Bank of Sri Lnka said on Wednesday that the country has printed 119.08 billion rupees. So far this year in the country, so far in this year 432.76 billion rupees have been printed. Sri Lnka intends to get itself out of the economic crisis through this.

China also did no help to Sri Lanka

Let us tell you that Sri Lanka’s International Sovereign Bond, Asian Development Bank, China and Japan have a large part of foreign debt. It is worth noting that in this time of crisis, even China did not help Sri Lanka. Whereas China and Sri Lanka have good relations. On the contrary, India, from whom Sri Lanka increased the distance, sent help, increasing friendship.

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