Russia will intensify missile attack on Kyiv, big reaction came after these claims of Ukraine

Today is the 51st day of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. During this, Russia has destroyed many big cities of Ukraine. Neither of the two countries is ready to back down in this war. At the same time, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said to intensify missile attacks on Kyiv. Meanwhile, ABP News reached Borodianka of Ukraine. This is the village of Ukraine which was made by Rusia as its head quarter.

However, the surprising thing is that even during the war, people in Borodianka have not left their homes and they are standing in front of the Rusian army. Russian soldiers are also accused of taking hostage people here. Rusia’s Defense Ministry on Friday said it would increase missile attacks on Kyiv in response to Ukraine’s claims on Russian territory.

Seven people injured in the attack

The statement came a day after Rusian officials accused the Ukrainian military of launching airstrikes on residential buildings in a Russian territory bordering Ukraine. According to Rusian officials, seven people were injured in these attacks.

About 100 residential buildings were damaged in Thursday’s attack on the village of Klimovo in the Bryansk region, according to Rusian officials. The Defense Ministry said Rusian forces shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter allegedly involved in an attack on the Bryansk region in Ukraine’s Chernihiv region. Authorities in Belgorod, another border region, also reported on Thursday about shelling by Ukraine.

Announcement of additional military aid of $ 800 million to Ukraine

According to a report, if sources are to be believed, it is possible that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin or Foreign Minister Antony Blinken may go. However, Joe Biden has not said anything like this yet. At the same time, the US President on Wednesday announced an additional military aid of $ 800 million to Ukraine. Biden said the equipment provided to Ukraine is important as it faces aggression. Biden said he had also approved additional helicopter transfers.

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