Shilpi Raj Mms Leaked VIDEO: Shilpi Raj said crying- Is it my fault that I belong to a poor family

Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS VIDEO: Bhojpuri cinema’s famous singer Shilpi Raj Mms has been leaked. After Bhojpuri actress Trishakar Madhu and Priyanka Pandit, a private video of Shilpi Raj is becoming increasingly viral on social media. After which Shlpi Raj has come live on social media and appealed to the people that they please do not share this video.

Shilpi Raj – Is it my fault that I belong to a poor family

After the MMS leaked, Shilp Raj came live on social media and cried that “I have an atmosphere of happiness here, I have a marriage here. Some people are writing, some people are uploading on YouTube. People see my behavior. Do whatever you do, help me. We do not talk to anyone in a loud voice till today. Is it my fault that I am from a small family, from a poor family.

Crying said Shilpi Raj people are making dirty comments

Crying Shilpi Raj said that ‘I have not come forward on my own. You guys have brought me in line. I got your love. I used to sing in school. You also called Patna. I was called to Patna when I went there.

Now that I am getting a little name, people have started having problems. We ourselves engage in our songs, so that you keep entertaining people. Then you guys can do this. Why are you putting dirty videos on YouTube? I am not understanding anything.

People are making dirty comments, people are asking who is your boyfriend? Please delete that video”. A video of Shilpi is trending on the internet, in which Shilpi is seen in an objectionable position with her boyfriend. Which is now becoming increasingly viral on social media as well.

People are asking different types of questions while sharing this video. Let us tell you that Shilpi Raj is a rising star of Bhojpuri cinema. Shilpi Raj has sung many songs with Bhojpuri cinema’s famous singer Khesari Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh, Ritesh Pandey, Samar Singh, Arvind Akela Kallu. People like his songs very much on social media too.

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