US President Joe Biden accuses Vladimir Putin of genocide in Ukraine

America has been continuously blaming Russia for the war in Ukraine and for this reason America has also imposed many sanctions on Russia. Now US President Joe Biden has blamed and blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the genocide in Ukraine. US President Joe Biden says evidence of genocide is coming to the fore. He also said that Vladimir Putin wants to end the idea of ​​being Ukrainian.

US President Joe Biden accuses Vladimir Putin

Asked if there was enough evidence to declare the Russia-Ukraine crisis a genocide, US President Joe Biden said: “It has become clear that Vladimir Putin is trying to debunk the idea of ​​being Ukrainian. The evidence is mounting.” It looks different than last week.” “More evidence is coming to the fore about the terrible things the Russians have done in Ukraine,” he said.

Biden calls Vladimir Putin a “war criminal”
US President Joe Biden has called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin “a war criminal” amid the devastating impact on civilians due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. “I think he (Putin) is a war criminal,” Biden told reporters at the White House.

Vladimir Putin in no mood to end war
However, at present, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not appear to be in the mood to end the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has made it clear that the war in Ukraine will continue until Russia’s objective is achieved. Vladimir Putin’s remarks come at a time when America and its allies have imposed all kinds of sanctions on Russia and preparations are on to impose many more sanctions.

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