US weapons found in Ukrainian army bases and bunkers, reached the war zone ABP News

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelesky is demanding us weapons from all over the world, including America, to fight the war with Russia. At the same time, for the demilitarization of Ukraine, the army of Russian President Vladimir Putin has set out to destroy all the military bases and cantonments of Zelensky. Meanwhile, on 50 days of the Russo-Ukraine war, the ABP News team reached a major war-zone in Luhansk, separated from Ukraine, and found American weapons in Ukrainian army bases and bunkers, which Ukrainian soldiers had fled here. .

The war continues between the Russian-backed militia of Luhansk, ie the rebel group, which broke away from Ukraine, and Zelensky’s army. The new government of the militia claims that they have captured 80-90 percent of Luhansk. That is, the Ukrainian army has almost been driven out of here. When the ABP News team reached the city of Luhansk (‘Lugansk’ in Russian), there was almost peace. There were few people in the city but the situation was stable. Buses, vehicles and pedestrians were seen coming and going on the road.

US weapons found in Ukrainian army bases and bunkers

Things start to change as soon as you leave the city of Luhansk. Before telling how the situation in Luhansk is changing, let us tell you that in the name of the city of Luhansk, Russian President Putin had declared the establishment of Luhansk country by declaring a large areas of Ukraine’s Donbass province as independent. Apart from Russia, countries like Belarus and Venezuela have also recognized Luhansk as a nation.

As soon as you leave the city of Luhansk, Russian soldiers and armed fighters of the Russian-backed rebel group are seen everywhere. Meanwhile, outside the city, the team of ABP News reached a base of Ukraine Army. Now this hideout is occupied by Luhansk rebels. The rebels said that Ukrainian soldiers used rocket launchers and other weapons from American and other European countries at this base. Some weapons were brand new. It seemed that Western countries had provided these rocket launchers only during the beginning of the war with Russia. But Ukrainian soldiers could not make much use of these weapons and left the weapons here in fear of the Russian army and ran away.

What is the reason behind the escape of the Ukrainian army?

When the team of ABP News reached this place, the blue and yellow flag of Ukraine was hanging upside down here. Ammunition boxes i.e. empty boxes of ammunition were also lying here in large numbers. Apprehensions were also expressed that the Ukrainian army had run out of ammunition during the encounter with the Russian army, that is why the Ukrainian soldiers fled the field. Despite the capture of a large part of Luhansk, the Russian-backed militia is trying to strengthen its position here. Along with the rebel members, vehicles with the ‘Z’ mark of Russia are also visible all around. Apart from this, Russian soldiers have built their bunkers and trenches from place to place so that if needed, the Ukrainian army can be fought from here. ABP News team also inspected a similar bunker, which was prepared by making a big pit in the ground. A camouflage net was also placed on it.

Ukrainian military base and fuel depot destroyed in Russian attack

Let us tell you that in the war going on for the last 50 days, the Russian army has caused great damage to the Ukrainian army. Ukraine’s entire army, military bases, ammunition stores and fuel depots have almost been destroyed. The Russian military claims that in the last 50 days, more than 130 Ukrainian aircraft, 100 helicopters, about 2000 tanks and armored vehicles, including 1,500 (1,500) rocket launchers, missiles and air defense systems have been destroyed. This is the reason why Zelensky is demanding weapons from Western countries including America and England. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised Zelensky 100 million pounds of military aid during a recent visit to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. This aid includes 120 Infantry Combat Vehicles ie armored vehicles for soldiers, Starstreak Aircraft Missiles, ATGMs ie Anti Tank Guided Missiles and High Precision Munitions ie Bombs.

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