Watch: Russia’s Moskva cruiser seen burning for the first time in the Black Sea

The war between Russia and Ukraine is about to complete almost 2 months. During this, both the countries have suffered a lot. Ukraine has inflicted more damage on Rusia than expected. However, on most occasions, Rusia has refused to accept it. Recently, Ukraine claimed that it has destroyed the Rusian cruiser Moskva present in the Black Sea with a missile attack. Rusia rejected it, saying that this cruise was destroyed by fire. But in the midst of all this, now a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which a cruise is being burnt and it is being told as Moskva cruise.

what’s in the video

In this viral video, smoke is seen coming out of a cruise. The cruise is burning up. The soldiers aboard are being evacuated safely. Some people are screaming. This video is only 3 seconds long.

What was Ukraine’s claim?

Let us tell you that the Ukrainian army claimed 4 days ago that it had destroyed Rusia’s important Moskva cruise stationed in the Black Sea through a missile attack.

Russia denied the attack

Russia, on the other hand, rejected Ukraine’s claims, saying that the cruise was on fire and it was destroyed, but the reason for the fire was not a missile attack, but a fire in the explosives kept in the cruise. Although initially Rusia did not inform about the sinking of this warship. It was later found that after the fire, it also sank. The investigation into how the fire started is underway.

What was special in Moskva

This cruise was of great importance to the Rusian army. It was named after the capital of Russia. The weight of this cruise was 12500 tons. It was launched during the cold wave in the war.

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