What happened in Jahangirpuri violence so far, how far has the action reached in 2 days?

Jahangirpuri Violence: Violence erupted in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area on Saturday during a procession taken out on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti. It is alleged that the violence erupted due to stone pelting during the procession. According to the information given by the Delhi Police in the court,there was stone pelting on the procession as part of the conspiracy.ABP News also has the copy of the FIR in which the full story of the violence is recorded 

According to the FIR, as soon as the procession reached near Jama Masjid at around 6 pm, a person named Ansar came with his 4-5 companions and started arguing with the people involved in the procession.

As the debate escalated, the situation worsened and stone pelting started on both sides.  After this stones were thrown on the roads.  Vehicles were vandalized and arson started.  People came out on the streets waving sticks and sword

it has been 2 days since this incident and what action has been taken in this so far, how many people have been arrested, know full details about it here.So far 21 accused have been arrested in this case. 4 people belong to the same family.  Two minors are also included in the accused. 

3 pistols and 5 swords have been confiscate According to the copy of the FIR, violence erupted after the argument of accused Ansar with the people of the procession.  In the court, the police said that there was stone pelting on the procession of the conspiracy

Rohini court has sent the main accused Ansar and Aslam to 1 day police remand.  12 accused have been sent to judicial custody for 14 dayn Asar’s wife Shakina, arrested on charges of violence, has denied the allegations. He said that Ansar had gone to resolve the dispute. 

According to the FIR, violence broke out only after Ansar had an argument with the people involved in the processio– From Azad Chowk to C block of Jahangirpuri, that is, where there was stone pelting, there was a flag march of the police. 

Flag marches were conducted under the leadership of top officials.  The police have asked people to stay inside their homes for the time being.  During this, people who were sitting outside the house unnecessarily were also sent inside. According to the police, the atmosphere is calm at present Special CP Deependra Pathak Said that the police is present here and we are also talking to the people, peace and order is maintained in the entire area.

Rumors are being stopped and social media is also being monitored continuously. Police is constantly monitoring all the areas of Delhi.He said that common people are being asked to stay indoors and the police team engaged in investigation outside is actively searching for the culprits of the violence.

They are being identified with the help of CCTV footage and viral videos.The names of the 21 accused who were arrested are Ansar, Aslam, Zahid, Shahzad, Mukhtyar Ali Hassan, Mohammad Ali, Amir, Aksar, Noor Alam, Zakir, Akram, Imtiaz, Ahir, Mohammad Ali, Sheikh Saurabh, Suraj, Neeraj, Suken, Suresh, Sujit Sarkar and Salim are smooth.

In this, there is an allegation of firing on Aslam and arguing with the people involved in the Shobha Yatra on Ansar. Apart from the 21 arrested people, 2 people are also minors, so the police have also recovered 3 pistols and 5 swords from the accused.

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