What is WhatsApp Bol Behen chatbot? – Check features, functions

WhatsApp Bol Behen Chatbot: WhatsApp has always remained ahead when it comes to launching new features for its users. This time, the company has come up an exclusive feature for its female users – ‘Bol Behen’ Chatbot. To bring out this new feature, the social messaging application has partnered with a non-profit organisation, named ‘Girl Effect’.

What is WhatsApp’s ‘Bol Behen’ feature?

WhatsApp Bol Behen Chatbot feature is an artificial intelligence based chatbot created for Indian women and girls. This chat bot will provide female users with health-related information on various topics, including health, sexuality and relationships.

To improve the understanding quotient among female users, WhatsApp will provide information in a mixture of Hindi and English, which is a Hinglish language. As per WhatsApp, this chatbot has been designed keeping in mind all the women and girls in India who usually use low-end smartphones.

How can you get information using WhatsApp Bol Behen chatbot?

If you want to get information via WhatsApp Bol Behen chatbot, you have to save the number +91-7304496601 on WhatsApp. Thereafter, you will receive a ‘Hi’ message from this number.

If you also want to get any information using Bol Behen chatbot, then for this you have to save the number +91-7304496601 on WhatsApp. Then a message of Hi will have to be sent to this number.

Who can use the ‘Bol Behen’ Chatbot?

As of now, WhatsApp’s ‘Bol Behen’ chatbot has been introduced for a limited number of users. Only those using the Beta version can use this chatbot feature, which is available in both mobile and web versions.

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The Bol Behen chatbot was first launched in 2020 by Facebook Messenger. As per a leading news outlet, it has reached more than 100,000 conversations with 1.6 million messages.

What do you think about this new WhatsApp chatbot that is supposed to take care of the well-being of girls and women in India?

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