‘World’s only carbon-neutral spaceship’ will fly tourists to Earth’s outer atmosphere, here’s how

This spaceship is a proof of the fact that the future is here already! Space Perspective, which claims to be the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience company, has unveiled a way to take a special trip to the Earth’s outer atmosphere.

The firm has shared its futuristic space balloon that will take guests on a six-hour, round-trip journey to the edge of the space and bring them back too. This new-age space balloon is called as Spaceship Neptune. As shared by the firm, “Neptune’s ascent peaks above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere at the edge of space.”

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The company’s website states that when the space fans are at the peak of their journey, can give 360-degree views of the Earth. The spaceship has a comfortable pressurised lounge with a classic interior. As of now, the company is giving virtual tours of the interior and also of the view that guests will see if they go onto the trip.

According to the company, the lounge has been made using sustainable materials, including a handcrafted bar.

Watch the Spaceship Neptune here: 

The company claims that it will begin launching from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, US from the late 2024. The estimated cost per seat will be around $125,000 and it will let the guests enjoy a view of the Earth and the stars from all angles.

This lounge will include not just chairs, tables and couches but also a cocktail menu to help you make the most of your space journey. Fret not! You will also get a WiFi connection so Instagram stories can still be posted.

As per the company, the special balloon touches an altitude of 30 miles, which reaches more than 50 miles. Let us tell you that you don’t need any special training to travel in this special Spaceship Neptune. However, reservations for this trip will now be take for 2025 and later.

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