Xi Jinping considers ‘Quad’ against China, complained to Biden

US China Relations: US President Joe Biden revealed on Friday that his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping once complained to him about the Quad. Jinping had said that he was strengthening the Quad against China.

“I signaled to Xi Jinping that I was increasing cooperation between the Quad (Australia, India, Japan and the US),” Biden said at an event to raise funds for the party at a private residence in Seattle. . On this he said that you are doing this to impress us. But I said, it is not so.

Biden said he made it clear that the Quad is there because we are trying to bring together people who have the opportunity to work together in the Indo-Pacific.

‘Many countries have become autocratic’

The US President said that other countries, including India, have their own problems, but what the dictators fear the most is the notion that we can work together and work against those who are actually autocrats. . He said that only China and Russia are not being talked about, many countries have become autocratic in their eyes.

2017 Quad was formed in

In November 2017, the US, Australia, India and Japan gave shape to a pending proposal to establish the Quad, aimed at blocking major sea routes from any influence amid China’s growing military presence in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region. A new strategy had to be developed to keep free.

A few days ago, US President Joe Biden indicated that the upcoming Quad summit would be held in Japan on May 24, but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did not specify the exact date.

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