9 Best Websites For Artists Spotlight: Well, art is one thing we always love to appreciate and enjoy. But listening to the story behind its creation and where it originated from may give you more insight. You may realize the magic that takes place in the creation of some of the best pieces.

So this comes true when hearing from the Artists responsible for them themselves. Here are some of the sites that tell the best insights and stories behind your favorite art from their Artist Spotlight.

The list ranges of different types of destinations covering different kinds of art. There is an awareness site using music, there is a place for beautiful arts as well. Then there are some popular platforms giving the artist a bigger stage and some underdogs as well.

Here’s Are 9 Best Websites For Artists

1. Conserfest

Originally Conserfest began as an organization for raising funds and awareness for environmental conservation and stewardship. This drive saw them prepping innovative ideas which led them to use music as a medium.

Henceforth, every year a new artist features on their Conserfest to perform their music as well as share insight on their journey and them becoming part of this awareness. Quite away right? Last year it was Will Evans, then Adam Ezra Group in 2019, and The Rowan Brothers in 2018. Let’s gear up to see who might be this year.

2. Aesthetica

Aesthetica Magazine has always been about giving art and culture its deserving crown. The art here comes in various unique forms and even today continues to intrigue us. With a readership of over 400,000, Aesthetica has been meeting and covering various kinds of artists and the creators behind it for a while now. They are quite consistent and you may find their Artist Spotlight quite rare and innovative with the variety of artists and arts walking in to talk.

3. The Artistree

The Artistree originally is an Entertainment News website which began with the aim of appreciating art and artist behind. They have been covering news since 2016 and now with their expansion across the borders, they are finally putting up their Artist Spotlight called Artist Feature. Something they always dreamed of. The shades of their Artist Feature can be found on their partner’s website Otakukart which also makes our list.

4. Our Culture Magazine

Well, Our Culture Magazine covers almost everything from Films and TVs to Music. From Gaming to Fashion. From Literature to Art and Photography. So does their Artist Spotlight that dates back to 2019 probably where they sat and talked to talented peeps and featured them on their site.

Though Our Culture Magazine aims to focus on every form of art. Their Artist Spotlight primarily consists of many musicians who bring something new to the masses. There is a kind of music for every kind of person. Most recently, they have featured Smile Machine, Moin, Cafuné, Midwife, and Babehoven in July of 2021.

5. Otakukart

Otakukart’s Artist Focus comes as a partnership with The Artistree. Otakukart itself has been a hub for appreciating art for years. They started by covering anime and today covers almost every form of entertainment and as they have risen. They aim to popularise Otaku and Geek Culture.

Otakukart’s Artist Focus is quite similar to their goals and features quite a range of artists. First, they featured Edward Nameen, a photographer, and his journey. The second feature they did was of Attack On Cuisine, a YouTube food channel known for making anime-inspired food.

6. Spotify This Is….

Well, Spotify is one of our main sources of music now. The app has almost every other artist and many musicians consider it as one of the pivotal platforms for attracting the audience. For people looking to understand their favorite musicians, Spotify usually creates a playlist called This is… that includes some of the greatest hits of the particular musician or the songs that better tell the musician’s story and style. We also believe the music itself is the best representation of a musician’s journey.

7. Vevo DSCVR

Well, we were talking about Music, and we certainly can’t leave Vevo out. The platform has been a key in the new social media world for video-hosting and has produced videos for tons of artists on YouTube. It continues to do so with.

Vevo’s Initiative called Vevo DSCVR aims to introduce some of the most engaging artists to the world in the coming years. They do so by having them on sets to perform their music which speaks out loud. Vevo has always been known to give Artists the much-needed spotlight and Vevo DSCVR continues to boast them this year. A campaign called Artist To Watch in 2021 is already underway.

8. YouTube’s Artist Spotlight Stories

The Artist Spotlight Stories of YouTube is another example of telling the story behind the popular artists we know today. YouTube has collaborated with some of the multi-platinum stars and went behind the scenes with them to acknowledge their humble beginnings. Then their music creating process, their sold-out concerts, fans, and the next music they will be releasing.

The videos of YouTube’s Artist Spotlight Stories can be found on the official YouTube Channels of that particular artist. Some of the popular artist to feature includes Shawn Mendes, Maren Morris, Camilla Cabello, and Marshmello.

9.The Talks

The initiative of The Talks is itself all about giving the insight of the artists towards the particular art they perform. It’s an interview magazine founded by Sven Schumann and Johannes Bonke. They cover artists and creators from a range of different media every week. They come from Films and television, Music, Art and Photography, Sports, and much more.

So yes, there is an interview for everyone from every field. Some of the names to appear on The Talks include Al Pacino, Christian Bale, Claudia Fleming, Lars Ulrich, and many more.

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