The woman showed such a stunt on the water, her senses would fly away; watch viral video

Videos of people’s shocking stunts are seen on the Internet every day. Many such stunts are also quite dangerous. These are such stunts, seeing which you will press your finger under your teeth. A video of one such stunt is going viral on social media these days. In this video, a woman is seen performing tricks on the water.

Viral Video: woman standing on water

Something like a lake or river is seen in the viral video, which is filled with water. At the same time, something like a wooden house is also visible nearby. Also, a wooden platform is also visible. But what catches your attention in this is the surfing board floating in the water and the woman standing on it.

Makes shape in the air with feet

In the video you can see that something like an iron rod is attached to hold the surfing board. The woman holds the rod and puts her hand on it. She maintains a wonderful balance with her hands. At the same time, her feet are in the air and with her feet she makes different shapes in the air. She stands upside down for a long time on the strength of her hands. You will be surprised to see such a balance of the woman.

This video of a woman doing a stunt is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are giving different types of reactions on this. This viral video has been shared on Insta from IG named viralhog. People are amazed to see the flexibility of the woman. So far more than 17K views have come on this video.

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