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Facebook Instagram WhatsAp Down: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are reportedly down and causing problems for many users. According to a report by Downdetector, meta platforms are facing problems in the US and UK.

As of now it is not known what is the cause of this problem. This could be related to Meta’s servers or the devices people are using to try to access the app. iPhone users trying to use a meta-owned app are getting the message “Service Temporary Unavailable”.

Facebook Instagram WhatsAp down in UK and US

Users expressing anger on Twitter
Users have taken to other social media platforms like Twitter to express their anger. One person wrote on Twitter, “Are Facebook and Instagram closed to anyone else?” Another tweeted, “Facebook Instagram WhatsAp down.”

19 Instagram was down on April
Earlier on April 19, Instagram was down globally. Most of the users were complaining at the time that they were unable to access the profile or refresh the feed. As usual, on April 19 too, users were taking the help of Twitter to vent their anger.

Facebook was down on April 21
At the same time, Facebook was also down on last month (April 21). According to media reports, it became impossible for some users to log in to Facebook.Read also:

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