How did Mundka’s 4-storey building become Lakshagriha, who is responsible for the scorched lives?

Massive Fire in Mundka: A massive fire that broke out in a building in Mundka area claimed 27 lives and injured 12. Apart from this, there are 29 people who do not know anything about it yet.His family is tired of searching for him. From one hospital to another,sometimes somewhere, but no information has been received about all these 29 people.

It is feared that something untoward has happened to them too, but the family is searching for them in the hope that they are still alive.After this accident, many questions arise that how did this 4-storey building become Mundka’s Laksha Griha? To know the answer to these questions,it is also necessary to know that when and how did the accident happen?

The mystery still remains about how the fire started in this building, but many eyewitnesses have come before us about how this accident happened. He told that the meeting of the company was going on on the second floor of the building. About 500 to 300 people work in this company and all of them were present on the second floor. Around 3:00 am, the light suddenly went out.As soon as the door of the second floor hall was opened, suddenly black smoke was seen flying up from outside. Smoke started filling the entire hall. There was chaos inside the hall. About 300 people were present there, in which all were women and men. The road to and from was narrow and only one.

The fire was moving from bottom to top, so it was not possible to go down. Wherever he found the place, he hid there. Some people somehow informed about the fire in the factory by calling acquaintances. People from nearby villages gathered there.

The glass of the factory started being broken and then the relief work started. Many people were taken out with the help of the people around. Many people also started trying to get out of the building with the help of rope.People were brought down by putting wooden stairs. The work of evacuating people from JCB machine also started. People also told that most of the people used to work on the third floor, where there is also a warehouse.

Fire brigade vehicles came after one and a half to 2 hours

The local people and the people working in this factory, who have come out alive, have a big allegation against the Delhi Fire Service. It is alleged that it took one and a half to 2 hours for the fire vehicles to reach the spot. This was also the reason why such a large number of people lost their lives.

With the help of local people, about 100 people were taken out using cranes etc., while 150 to 200 people are not known, this claim is of 4 girls working in this factory. However, Rishabh Lakra, who was involved in the rescue work, says that when the rescue work was being done from JCB, there was a long jam on the road. Some people also say that initial help could have been taken from the fire stations of Kapashera, Tikri border.

The fire service initially took this fire call very lightly. This was the reason that the fire broke out so much and after hours the fire could be brought under control.

Delhi Police registered FIR

Delhi Police has registered an FIR in connection with the fire in the building in Mundka. The FIR has been registered under section 304/308/120b/34 of IPC. At present, the police have arrested two owners of this assembling unit/manufacturing unit, Harish Goyal and Varun Goyal. Both are real brothers and were present inside the factory when the accident happened yesterday. He was taking a meeting of his staff.Apart from this, the police is looking for the owner of this building, whose name is Manish Lakra.

Building did not get NOC

Delhi Police says that what has come to the fore in the investigation so far is that the building did not get NOC of any kind of fire. At the same time, it is also coming to the fore that the building did not even have the clearance of MCD. This is the reason why Manish Lakra is being searched. There was only one way of entry/exit in the building, that too narrow.

While making the building, care was not taken that if such a large number of people work here, then from where will they leave in case of emergency. Apart from this, it is also coming to the fore that behind the Mundka accident, the owner of the building, Manish Lakra, has been seriously negligent.

Manish lived with the family on the third floor of the same building, in which he had closed the back stairs for his personal use, as the ground floor had already been rented out for a wooden godown two months ago. The labor working in it could not come to the upper floors, so the back stairs were closed.

CM Kejriwal arrived to take stock of Mundka fire, announced 10 lakh compensation to the kin of the dead

There is only one way left for entry-exit.

This is the reason that when the fire broke out, there was only one way of entry and exit. It is also being told about him that the guard had closed the gate of the stairs of the ground to save the material below from the fire. Some local people say that the light was cut off there at that time.

It is being told that the fire started from the stairs of the entry/exit gate and on the stairs itself, the company had kept big boxes of its CCTV packed. From where the fire started, there was a way for the people to come out.

Another surprising information has come to the fore that the mobiles of all the workers working in the factory were deposited at the counter before the duty started. A case has been registered in the case under sections 304,308 120B and 34 of IPC. These sections are of culpable homicide, culpable homicide not amounting to murder, criminal conspiracy and common intent.

Civic agencies and departments are also under the scanner of the police, under which it is useful to know how illegal commercial activities were being carried out. This is the reason why 120B has been installed.

Police will investigate the role of Delhi government and all those departments of MCD. Action will be taken against those whose complicity is found, as well as information will be given to the concerned department.

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