Jodhpur Violence Alert: Heavy security forces deployed after violence on Eid, see the condition of other states

Jodhpur Violence Alert: On Tuesday, May 3, the festival of Parshuram Jayanti and Akshaya Tritiya is being celebrated along with Eid in India In these festivals, which show the unity and integrity of India, some chaotic elements have tried to give it a communal color by carrying out unpleasant incidents like violence. However, on the contrary, special attention is being paid to security on the occasion of Eid (Eid 2022) and Parashuram Jayanti in various parts of the country. In such a situation, heavy security forces have been deployed at places, but despite this, incidents of violence have come to the fore in Jodhpur and Anantnag.

On the one hand, in Jodhpur, where violence broke out between people of two sects over the raising of the flag. At the same time, an incident of stone pelting has come to light outside the mosque during Eid prayers in Anantnag

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alert after the violence Police has now come on high alert after some such incidents in the morning. Drone cameras are being monitored by deploying heavy security forces in many sensitive areas.

In such a situation, special attention is being paid after the violence in Khargone in Madhya Pradesh, Jahangirpuri in Delhi, Birbhum in West Bengal and many areas of Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra. Despite some violent incidents, Eid prayers have been performed safely at all places and now these areas will be closely monitored by the police team throughout the day, so that any untoward incident can be avoided.

On the one hand, special additional security force has been deployed in Jahangirpuri from the point of view of security. On the other hand, curfew has been imposed in Khargone for 24 hours and everyone has been instructed to celebrate the festival by staying at home

Jodhpur Violence – Mamata Banerjee said

we believe in unity, with this CM in West Bengal on the occasion of Eid While addressing, Mamata Banerjee said that we believe in unity, our goal is to take everyone along, irrespective of religion or community. Heavy security has been deployed in many sensitive areas in Maharashtra even after Raj Thackeray refused to recite Maha Aarti and Hanuman Chalisa on the occasion of Eid

In various states of the country, the administration seems to be doing better work in terms of security and other aspects to ensure the successful completion of all religious festivals.

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