Mothers Day 2022: Five interesting things related to Mother’s Day, which you may not know about

Mothers Day 2022: People are excited about Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. This year Mothers Day is on 8th May. Mothers Day is the day of love and affection between mother and children.

Although every day belongs to the mother and the children, but in the hustle and bustle of life, the children are unable to tell the mother how important the mother is in their life. In such a situation, Mothers Day is a day dedicated to motherhood, her care, selfless love.


But how much do you know about Mothers Day? Today, even though people celebrate Mothers Day in their own way, but there are many such things related to Mother’s Day that you will be unaware of. In such a situation, along with celebrating this day, know interesting and interesting things related to Mothers Day which you might not know.

Mothers Day 2022 – Where was the first Mother’s Day celebrated

At present, all the countries of the world celebrate Mothers Day. Mother’s Day is celebrated in different ways from America to India and European countries, but perhaps you are unaware that the first Mothers Day was celebrated in West Virginia and Philadelphia of America. Mothers Day was celebrated for the first time in the year 1908.

Who celebrated Mother’s Day first

day An American woman named Anna Jarvis decided never to marry after the death of her mother and dedicated her whole life to her mother. Anna Jarvis was the first to start celebrating Mothers Day. In those days in Europe this day was called Mothering Sunday

Official Announcement to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Even though the celebration of Mothers Day had started in the year 1908, but the law was passed to officially celebrate Mothers Day. US President Woodrow Wilson passed legislation on 9 May 1914, which stated that Mothers Day would be celebrated on every second Sunday of May.

Mother’s Day on 6th March

Since then, there has been a fixed day for celebrating Mothers Day in many countries. Which was adopted by other countries including India, America but very few people would know that Mothers Day is celebrated in UK on 6th March

Day of the Virgin Mary

People of the Christian community celebrate Mothers Day as the day of the Virgin Mary. On this day people offer prayers by giving flowers and gifts. On the other hand, the people of China give flowers of carnation to their mother on Mothers Day.

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