New Google Pixel 7 Prototype Leaked Via eBay Listing: Details

New Delhi: A new prototype of Google Pixel 7 has been spotted on e-commerce site eBay, thus, making it the second major Pixel leak in just few weeks. The leak comes weeks after a Pixel Watch prototype was “left” at a restaurant.

Now, it seems like an eBay user was trying to sell a Google Pixel 7 on the e-commerce site. However, the listing on eBay has been taken down. The leaked image did not highlight much about the device though.

A closer look at one of the leaked images suggests that the purported Google Pixel 7’s rear looks similar to the Pixel 7 Pro, as the user had shot images using the pictures, says a report by Engadget. This also means that there could be a leaked listing or image of the Pixel 7 Pro too in the coming weeks.

Google Pixel 7 Prototype Leaked

Earlier this month at the Google I/O conference, the tech giant teased its upcoming flagship phones, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro models. Both the devices are likely to arrive this fall. The company previewed its Pixel 7 phones, which will be powered by the next version of Google Tensor SoC, new technology and “fastest performance”.

Apart from revealing that the upcoming devices will feature the Google Tensor SoC, the company showed the backs of the devices that retain the “visor” design from the Pixel 6 lineup. A change from the Pixel 6 line is the camera bar itself which is made out of polished aluminum that runs into the frame on both sides.Another change in the camera design is that the camera cutouts into the aluminum are very obvious this time and look very bold and prominent. Line the previous Pixel 6 series, the Pixel 7 Pro features three rear sensors while the Pixel 7 has two cameras. The Pixel 7 Pro is likely sticking with the ultrawide/standard wide/telephoto configuration for the rear cameras, as suggested by leaks and renders.

Meanwhile, the Pixel 6a is finally making its way to India after two years. The last Pixel to launch in India was the Pixel 4a in 2020. India did not get the the Google Pixel 5a.

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