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New Delhi: Famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala was shot dead in Mansa district of Punjab on Sunday. The strings of this case are being told related to the Vicky Mudukheda murder case. In fact, the Special Cell of Delhi Police recently came to know about the nexus of notorious gangster Neeraj Bawania and Tillu Tajpuria gang with gangsters Patial, Bambhiya and Kaushal gangs.

Delhi’s Neeraj Bawania and Tillu Tajpuria joined hands with different gangsters Patial, Bambhia and Kaushal gangs from Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, UP and Rajasthan. After which the Delhi Police had arrested about a dozen miscreants of this five gang. Three of these miscreants had confessed to being involved in the murder of Vicky Mudukheda.

Vicky How the strings of Mudukheda murder case were connected with Sidhu Musewala

The three miscreants had confessed to being behind the conspiracy to murder Sidhu Musewala’s manager in Vicky Muddukheda Murder. The names of the arrested miscreants were sharp shooter Sajjan Singh alias Bholu, Anil Kumar alias Lath and Ajay Kumar alias Sunny Kaushal, who were remanded by the Punjab Police from Tihar Jail. In fact, the three miscreants had told about the involvement of the manager of a famous singer in that murder. According to sources, he was Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala.

Lawrence Vishnoi had spoken of avenging Vicky’s death
Vicky Muddukheda’s close aide gangster Lawrence Vishnoi had asked to avenge Vicky’s death by posting a Facebook post sitting in jail. Lawrence Bishnoi, lodged in Rajasthan jail, had posted a Facebook post in which it was said to avenge Vicky’s death.

Lawrence wrote in his post.

,Ram Ram to all brothers,
“Yesterday Apna Veer Vicky Mudukheda left all of us and left. Veer, your lack should never be fulfilled. This brother had nothing to do with our crimes. Whoever heard it must have heard well about this brother. I will not say much now, I will just show it. The rest of the matter, whoever is responsible for the death of this brother, should prepare for his death. Its result will be available in a few days.”

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