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Urfi Javed is known not only for her fashion choices but also for not mincing her words. The Bigg Boss OTT contestant is the paparazzi’s favourite and also never shies away from speaking her mind.

Urfi Javed slammed Rahul Vaidya on Wednesday and called him a ‘sexist hypocrite’. For those who don’t know, Rahul had tweeted about people ‘posting nudes in the name of fashion’ a few days ago and it was believed he was hinting at Urfi Javed.

Now after the release of Rahul’s new song, Urfi Javed has given back to him for his ‘hypocrisy’. The song titled ‘Naughty Balan’, stars Nyra Banerjee wearing a swimsuit and romancing Rahul Vaidya. Urfi Javed took to her Instagram and wrote, “Sexualising a woman’s body for your benefit but when she chooses to sexualise it herself and wear and post whatever she wants it bothers people! #hypocricy.”

In another story, she wrote, “I used to love rahul vaidya so much as a singer but dayummm! You lost all respect! You’re a sexist hypocrite.”

What Rahul Vaidya had tweeted

Here’s what Rahul Vaidya had tweeted a few days back, “I saw a photo today on Instagram. My wife sent it to me. And mark my words “In the coming years people will start posting nudes in the name of fashion or trend”! Save this tweet for evidence. 🐒 God bless us.”

Though he didn’t call out any name, people believed he was referring to Urfi. She was even asked about the same by the paparazzi. She refused to believe that Rahul Vaidya’s tweet was for her and said, “Industry mere baap ki thodi hai.”

Urfi has many times been ridiculed and targeted for what she wears. Designer Farah Khan Ali had also commented about it on Urfi’s Instagram post and the actor had given it back to Farah and had accused her of favouring the industry kids.

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