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London: The member countries of the United Nations Health Agency on Tuesday confirmed the second five-year term of the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. No other candidate has challenged Tedros for the position amidst the current difficulties to deal with the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Another WHO official asked everyone in the room to stand up and applaud them, then Tedros said, “This feeling is staggering.” Tedros became extremely emotional and had tears in his eyes. Holding back his tears, he described himself as a “newbie of war”. He said that after seeing his younger brother’s death at a young age, “luck took me this far”.

Tedros, a minister in Ethiopia, has led the World Health Organization with his management skills in tackling COVID-19 on a global scale and has at times faced criticism over its many missteps. He is the first African to head the agency and the only director general who is not a doctor.

The UN health agency, led by Tedros, failed to stop many countries, including China, for their mistakes. These countries had advised against wearing masks for months and initially said that the coronavirus is unlikely to change rapidly.

Scientists sent by the WHO to investigate the origins of the coronavirus in China said crucial investigations had “stagnated” after a report was released last year, even as Tedros acknowledged Was that the report was hasty in ruling out the possibility of spread of the virus from the laboratory.

‘We need a sustainable leadership’
“There have been some incidents, but Tedros has been equally vocal during the pandemic,” said Javier Guzman, director of global health policy at the Center for Global Development in Washington. Despite this, some countries are unwilling to push for change. Guzmán said, “We are in the middle of a pandemic and we need a consistent leadership to get us through this difficult moment.”

Tedros often targeted rich countries
Tedros has often targeted wealthy countries for the limited supply and hoarding of anti-Covid-19 vaccines in the world and stressed that pharmaceutical companies are not taking enough steps to make their medicines available to the poor.

With almost all of the focus on Ukraine following the Russian Invasion, Tedros blamed not taking adequate steps to resolve crises elsewhere, including in Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan. The global community was slammed for this and said that it was probably because the victims were not white. Nevertheless, critics say that Tedros has failed on some fundamental issues.

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