Will Hina Shahab leave RJD and go to another party? This former MLA of JDU gave the offer

Siwan, Misa Bharti and Fayaz Ahmed have filed nominations on behalf of RJD to go to Rajya Sabha. Lalu Prasad Yadav himself remained with him on this occasion. However, after getting the ticket, the protest against RJD is going on in Siwan. There is anger among his supporters in Siwan over Hina Shahab, wife of former MP Shahabuddin, not getting a ticket. Even Hina Shahab has said that she will hold a meeting with the workers and will do whatever is decided by them. Here he has got an offer from JDU.

,Injustice done to Shahabuddin’s family,

Former JDU MLA Shyam Bahadur Singh has given an open invitation to Shahabuddin’s wife Hina Shahab to come to JDU. In this case, Shyam Bahadur Singh, a well-known former JDU MLA, told ABP News during a phone conversation that the Lalu family has done injustice to the Shahabuddin family. Injustice has been done to the family members of Shahabuddin who did the work of establishing the party.

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Shyam Bahadur Singh said that we will also talk to our leader Nitish Kumar that Hina Shahab should be included in JDU. Shyam Bahadur also said that if Hina Shahab wants to come to JDU, then she is wholeheartedly welcome. Here, there is no response from Hina Shahab in this matter yet.

who is shyam Bahadur Singh,

Shyam Bahadur Singh has been MLA from JDU for three consecutive terms from Barharia assembly. Many times they are in the headlines for dancing with the ladies or alone. He is considered very close to Nitish Kumar.

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