Centre To Announce Agnipath Scheme For Recruitment Of Soldiers Tomorrow. What Is It?

New Delhi: The Central government is likely to announce the Agnipath recruitment scheme for the defence forces tomorrow, Tuesday June 14 reported news agency ANI. Under this scheme troops will be recruited only for a tenure of four years. 

As per the report, details of the scheme will be announced by the three service chiefs who are scheduled to hold a press conference tomorrow. 

Two weeks ago, the three service chiefs had briefed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Agnipath scheme for soldier recruitment which is said to pave the way for induction of troops into the forces for short-term tenures. 

The scheme has been planned and is being implemented by the Department of Military Affairs.

The new scheme Agnipath under which youngsters would join the forces for a period of four years and serve the country. The scheme is a part of the government’s efforts toward reducing expenditure and the age profile of the defence forces, the report stated. 

Agnipath Scheme For Reqruitment Of Soldiers Tomorrow

The scheme would also help in significantly widening catchment areas for recruitment.

Towards the end of the four year of service, 80 percent of the soldiers will be relieved from the duty and the armed forces will further assist such soldiers for employment avenues. Initial calculations by the armed forces projected thousands of crores in savings in pay, allowances and pension if a considerable number of soldiers are taken in under the tour of duty concept.

The best among the recruited youth could also get an opportunity to continue their service, in case vacancies are available. The DMA had studied similar recruitment models in eight countries before developing the Indian model, as per the report.

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