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In an attempt to give competition to Samsung’s Sleep Coaching feature, fitness and wearables major Fitbit is rolling out a new feature for Fitbit Premium users called Sleep Profile. The now Google-owned company will let its users analyse the longitudinal patterns of their sleep through the Sleep Profile feature that will make it possible to interpret with animal characters. Please note that the Sleep Profile is available only for Fitbit Premium users.

The new Sleep Profile by Fitbit is pretty similar to Samsung’s Sleep Coaching feature that also uses a specific animal character to symbolise users’ sleeping patterns. Samsung had announced the Sleep Coaching feature for Galaxy Watch 4 users earlier in February.

“To date, we’ve analysed 22 billion hours of sleep data, equivalent to the lifespan of over 5,000 tortoises. (Fun facts: a tortoise lives for up to 500 years and there are 60,000 giant tortoises in the world.),” the Fitbit Team wrote in a blog post.

“We know our users are motivated to gather even more insight into their sleep, which is why today we’re introducing Sleep Profile. This new Fitbit Premium feature offers a new longitudinal analysis of your sleep patterns. It also makes your sleep data even easier to interpret with fun animal characters, so you can take steps to improve your sleep quality and, in turn, your overall health.”

What does Fitbit’s new Sleep Profile analyse?

While sleep guidance is more than just getting 7-8 hours of rest, Fitbit offers data to show it through an analysis of 1.87 million sleep logs by a neurologist, sleep experts as well as research scientists. Supported by sleep science, Fitbit’s Sleep Profile analyses users’ sleep across 10 key metrics each month, calculates trends and compares them to what’s typical for their age and gender, so they can discover where they can improve.

“Our research team studied 1,000 different sleep features during its analysis before distilling it down to the key metrics we include in your profile. Ranging from new metrics, including sleep schedule variability, time before sound sleep and disrupted sleep, to previously tracked metrics such as sleep duration, restfulness and REM sleep, these data points portray a holistic month-long view of your sleep patterns and quality,” the Fitbit Team added.

Fitbi Premium users accessing the Sleep Profile feature will also be provided with ideal ranges for each metric — and where they fall within each range — so they can consider where to focus for improvement. These metrics are shown on a monthly aggregate view for the first time.

Eligible Fitbit devices that will get the sleep analysis feature

Sleep Profile feature will be available in through the Fitbi app for Premium users on Fitbi Charge 5, Fitbi Sense, Fitbi Luxe, Fitbi Inspire 2, Fitbi Versa 3 and Fitbi Versa 2.

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