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Organic farming Special Jeevamrit: Due to the increasing demand for organic products in the market, now farmers are also adopting organic farming to grow crops. There is a saving in expenses by doing organic farming. Along with this, the income of the farmers also increases. Behind this miracle is the contribution of Jeevamrit made from biological resources. By using which the growth of crops is accelerated and the possibility of insects and diseases in the crop also ends. Made at very low cost, Jeevamrit converts the soil into gold and with this the crop is pure like nectar.

Make Jeevamrit like this

Farmer brothers who want to cultivate their crops in an organic way this time, they can make Jeevamrit, organic manure and organic pesticides at home itself. Most of the things put in it are present in the farmer’s house. Let’s know how to make it-

    • To make Jeevamrut, first of all, 10 liters of cow urine, 3 kg jaggery, 5 kg. cow dung and 2 kg. Bring gram flour and a big plastic container and keep it.
    • First of all, grind 3 kg jaggery in a separate vessel and dissolve it in the same amount of water.
    • Put cow urine and gram flour in the container and mix it well, so that every lump of gram flour dissolves.
    • Add jaggery dissolved in cow dung and water in it, mix the solution with the help of a stick
    • In the end, add 2 kg of gram flour and keep stirring it for a while with the help of a stick.
    • Mix some water in the solution and keep it covered for 7 days and keep stirring it daily with the help of a stick.
    • After 7 days this solution can be used as insecticide and nutrition on plants.

What are the benefits of Jeevamrit

    • In the fields, Jeevamrit helps a lot in taking oxygen to the roots of the plants.
    • Jeevamrit is also used in making compost manure, it also helps in increasing the number of earthworms.
    • Its use also helps a lot in absorbing nutrients to the plants.
    • Along with the fertility of the soil, Jeevamrit also helps in increasing the production of the crop.
    • Due to this, the micro-organisms, bacteria and bacteria that grow the crop start working faster.
    • Its use softens the soil, which helps the roots to spread.
    • The use of Jeevamrut also helps in making barren soil fertile.
    • Jeevamrut helps a lot in the germination of seeds and making the leaves green.
    • Vegetables, fruits and grains grown by its use have a different taste.

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