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WhatsApp New FeatureDo you hesitate to go online on WhatsApp because no one can see you online? Now there can be many reasons for this, you may not have to reply to someone’s message, you do not have to show boss, family, friends or relatives that you are onlyn, but in such a situation, you can also reply to important messages. Trouble comes. You have to think many times before replying. There is good news for the people suffering from this problem. WhatsApp is working on a feature that can hide onlyn status on WhatsApp for Android, iOS and desktop users. It is expected that this new feature will be launched soon.

WABetaInfo provides updates for upcoming features or upgrades of WhatsApp. WABetaInfo said on Saturday, “WhatsApp is now working on the ability to hide online status.”

Presenting its report, WABetaInfo has said that in the last few years, many users had requested WhatsApp to hide their online status. Now there can be different reasons why people want to use WhatsApp secretly: for example, some users want to use WhatsApp without being disturbed by other people. The report further said that WhatsApp is aware that many people want the feature to hide online status. Thus, keeping in mind the user feedback, WhatsApp is going to develop a feature that will allow users to choose who can view their online status when they send a message, chat or open the app.

How will this feature work?

According to reports, users will have the option to choose with whom they want to share their last seen status. WhatsApp is going to add two new options in this. First “Everyone” and “Same as Last Seen”. The report says that this feature will work in such a way that you will be able to choose “My Contacts” for “Last Seen” and “Same as Last Seen” online. Now anyone who is not in your contact list will not be able to see whether you are online or not.

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